Rates Query Help

This section gives a description of how to search rates, view the rates results and download the rates.

The TACT Rates information is accessed by seleting Rates Query function.

Search Rates

Enter Origin and/or Destination and click Search to view the results.  You can refine the search by entering Carrier, From Date and To Date.

You can also filter the search results by the following options:

  • Enter the Commodity name or number
  • Enter the Currency
  • Select Rate Source in drop down menu: General Cargo & ULD, General Cargo Only or ULD only
  • Select Rate Type in drop down menu: Carrier & Industry, Carrier Only or Industry only

By entering the dimension (Length, Width and Height) and Weight (gross weight) of the cargo, the chargeable weight will be automatically calculated in Kg.  You can select metric or imperial volume unit and weight unit.  Please note that the unit of the dimension is defaulted in Cm while the volumetric weight factor is defaulted as 6000cm3/kg.



Rates Result View 

The Rates result can be displayed by Column (default) or Row.  By Column means the rates of different weight breaks will appear as individual rate items one under the other.  By Row means the entire rate route (include all weight breaks) appears on one line.

By Column results:



By Row results:



If you entered the dimension (Length, Width and Height) and Weight (gross weight) in By Row view, the results will also highlight the applicable weight breaks and calculate the charges.


Save Query 

Query can be saved for repetitive search.



Download Rates Results 

The rate results can also be exported in PDF based on By Column view.  


Add Ons

To search for Add-on Rates, select Add Ons tab and enter the Origin city and Over city where construction took place.  Then click Search to display the results.


Additional Information

The Additional Information contains the accompanying information about the TACT rates.


Note on currency conversion

When you enter a currency in the "Currency"  field, the system will calculate the cargo rate in that currency from the original currency using the IATA Rates Of Exchange. More information here.