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FedEx 023 Normal Yes 16 Mar 2023

16 Mar 23

Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus Service Suspension - FEDEX:

In view of the Ukraine situation, Fedex announced that they are temporarily suspending all Russian and Belarusian services until further notice. FedEx facilities in Ukraine have been temporarily closed and inbound and outbound services to Ukraine have been temporarily suspended. 
Please check the FedEx Service Alerts page for updates. Additionally, the Money Back Guarantee is currently suspended for all FedEx Express services in Europe until further notice.

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10 Aug 22

FedEx Office Pilots Ford E-Transit Vans for FedEx SameDay® City Service:
In collaboration with Ford Pro, FedEx announced it is piloting ten Ford E-Transit vans across its FedEx Same-Day City network. The vehicles are being tested in nine markets coast-to-coast to assess performance in different road and weather conditions: Chandler, Ariz., Newark, Calif., Boca Raton, Fla., Clearwater, Fla., Plantation, Fla., Chicago, Ill., Madison Heights, Mich., Allen, Texas and Frisco, Texas.
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23 Jun 22

FedEx Corp. will soon bolster the power of its e-commerce services by offering Picture Proof of Delivery for express and ground residential deliveries in the U.S. and Canada that are released without a signature. Customers will receive a photo showing the exact location of their package once it’s delivered to their doorstep, by simply tracking their package.
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