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United States US On 13 May 2024, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a final rule that makes changes to the importation requirements for dogs into the United States to address the public health risk associated with dog-maintained rabies virus variant (DMRVV). Specifically, the final rule requires airlines to: • confirm that a dog possesses all required import documentation prior to accepting it for transport; • ensure that foreign-vaccinated dogs from DMRVV high-risk countries only enter the US through a designated airport with both a CDC quarantine station and a CDC-registered animal care facility (ACF) and that the importer possesses a reservation with the CDC-registered ACF for examination, vaccination, and quarantine (if required); • create a bill of lading for all dogs entering the United States via air, including dogs transported as cargo, hand-carried, and as checked-baggage; • return dogs or cats denied admission to the country of departure within 72 hours after arrival, unless the animal is ill or injured and CDC has approved delaying the return of the animal; • arrange for transportation, housing, and care of an animal until it is either returned to the county of departure or cleared for entry into the US; • arrange for transportation of dogs and cats, that die en route to the United States or that die while detained pending determination of their admissibility, for necropsy requiring gross and histopathologic examination and any subsequent infectious disease testing based on the findings; • notify the CDC quarantine station of jurisdiction prior to transporting a dead dog or cat for a necropsy to determine whether rabies testing is required; • arrange for transportation of all sick or dead animals (regardless of vaccination status and country of origin) to a CDC-registered ACF or, under certain conditions, to another CDC-approved veterinary clinic as soon as possible; and US CDC Issues Animal Importation Final Rule to Address Dog-Maintained Rabies Virus Variant • transport healthy-appearing animals that are denied admission and awaiting return to their country of departure, or are awaiting a determination as to their admissibility, to a CDC-registered ACF within 12 hours. The effective date of the rule is 1 August 2024. 12 Jul 2024

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