TACT Tariff Manuals Discontinuation

Are you receiving TACT Tariffs & Rules Manuals or TACT Tariffs & Rules Manuals + Online?

  • Yes? Then please read below important information about changes to your product
  • No? For questions about all other products please contact IATA Customer Service via

3 Things you must know about the TACT Tariff Manuals discontinuation:

  1. The June 2021 Edition is the LAST EDITION containing the Tariff Manuals (North America and Worldwide manuals)
  2. In October 2021, only the TACT Rules Manual will be shipped to customers subscribed to TACT Tariffs & Rules Manuals
  3. TACT Tariffs & Rules Manuals customers will automatically receive free access(es) to TACT Online until the end of 2021

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What happens now?

  • The main contact of your TACT Tariffs & Rules Manual subscription will automatically receive access credentials to TACT Online in June 2021
    * Note that IATA will automatically allocate licenses based on a “1-to-3” rule
    • 1 TACT Tariffs + Rules Manuals --> 3 TACT Online Users
    • 2 TACT Tariffs + Rules Manuals --> 6 TACT Online Users
    • 3 TACT Tariffs + Rules Manuals --> 9 TACT Online Users
  • The main contact will be able to add more users based on the allocation of licenses for your company
  • If you have not received your access to TACT Online let us know here

What do you need to do?

Let IATA know your preferred TACT product option for 2022
For the renewal of your subscription in 2022, we would like you to confirm your TACT product selection HERE.

What if I do nothing?

If you do NOT inform IATA of your product selection by October 31st, 2021, IATA will automatically switch your TACT Tariffs&Rules Manuals or TACT Tariffs&Rules Manuals + Online subscription to a TACT Online subscription, with a “1 to 3” rule. For example:

  • 1 TACT Tariffs + Rules Manuals --> 3 TACT Online Users
  • 2 TACT Tariffs + Rules Manuals --> 6 TACT Online Users
  • etc. 

What are my product options for 2022?

Click on the image below to view the comparison of our products.


If you have finalized your choice, or need further guidance, you can reach out to our team via our dedicated form: TACT 2022 Product Renewal Form



  • Why is IATA not publishing the TACT Tariffs in book form anymore?
    • While the TACT Tariff Manuals have been a standard reference for the industry, the nature of a paper-based product no longer makes it a suitable option in the rapidly changing cargo world, increased digital operations and CO2 efficient solutions. The pandemic has also demonstrated that physical products can be difficult to distribute while online access remains available at all times. Recognizing the environmental impact of creating and distributing globally the TACT Tariff manuals, IATA has made the decision to stop the production of the TACT Tariff Manuals (North America and Worldwide) as of the October 2021 Edition.
  • As a TACT Tariffs and Rules Manual customer, what will I receive in October 2021?
    • You will receive the TACT Rules Manual, October Edition.
  • I have not received my free access to TACT Online, what do I do?
    • TACT Tariffs and Rules Manual customers will automatically receive an email with login instructions. If you have not received an email with login instruction by end of June 2021, please contact us here.
  • Will the TACT Rules Manual also be stopped?
    • No, at this time the TACT Rules Manual will not be stopped. IATA continues to review the best options for delivering critical TACT and air cargo operational information to its users and therefore the TACT Rules Manual, its content and delivery cycle may be adjusted in the future.
  • How can I access TACT Tariffs now that the TACT Tariff Manuals are no longer published in paper format?
    • TACT Tariffs are available via multiple product options, our recommended solution is TACT Online. For integration in Cargo or rates management systems we also offer TACT Tariffs in data format or via API.
  • Will my subscription change for 2022?
    • Yes, since the TACT Full set product is no longer sold in 2022, please note the following for your TACT subscription:
      • We kindly request you to let us know what TACT product option you wish to use in 2022 here
      • If you have not informed us of your preferred TACT option by October 31st, 2021, IATA will automatically switch your subscription to a 3-user TACT Online subscription
  • What will I be paying for my TACT subscription in 2022?
    • The cost of your TACT subscription in 2022 will depend on which products you use and how many users will be part of your subscription. As we have tiered pricing for TACT Online, this too will impact the costs to you: the more users the more discount you get.
    • See our product comparison chart here
    • Our pricing for 2022 is not yet available at this time. Should you require more information please contact us.
  • Can I still order the TACT Rules-only manual in 2022?
    • Yes, the TACT Rules-only manual will be available in 2022 and can also be combined with a subscription to TACT Online. Let us know your preferred product options for 2022 here
  • What is the best alternative TACT product to replace the TACT Tariff Manuals?
    • Our recommended option to replace the Tariff manuals is to use TACT Online
    • Read all about the available TACT product options here

      TACT Product Comparison
  • How do I invite colleagues to use TACT Online (I am the Admin of the account)?
    • To invite colleagues to use TACT Online, please follow these instructions:
    • See our instruction video here or follow below easy steps:
      • Go to Account Overview
      • Click on the Invite Users tab
      • Enter the additional user from your company and click the Save button
      • An email will be sent to the new user who should activate their account within 48 hours. If activation is not done within 48 hours, please repeat the steps above.

        Invite Users

Read the letter (PDF) IATA included in the TACT June Edition